I Have a Confession to Make...

I am in fact...

96% percent female...

At least according to a rather interesting algorithm that uses your browser history to estimate your gender. Since math isn't my strong suit, it's best you click on the link to really understand how it works but in short, it uses (sort of) simple math to determine the 'male to female' ratios of websites. Then, it uses that data against the number of websites you visit.

Now, the rub here is that it only takes into account the ten thousand most popular websites, so a lot of the porn sites on a fairly regular basis (except one) didn't make the list.

Another interesting thing here, and something that had a lot to do with my results is that a lot of 'popular' websites are either gender neutral or slightly skewed to females.

Here's what I mean (from my results):

google.com: 0.98
myspace.com: 0.74 (no
real surprise there)
amazon.com: 0.9
last.fm: 0.96
hotmail.com: 0.83
ilike.com: 0.89

'Popular' sites that are more or less gender neutral (thus not helping my cause):

youtube.com: 1
wikipedia.org: 1.08
cnn.com: 1.35
blogger.com: 1.06
imdb.com: 1.06
hypem.com: 1.27

And finally... the websites in my history that apparently make me a tranny:

livejournal.com: 0.68
urbanoutfitters.com: 0.6
movietickets.com: 0.8
americanapparel.net: 0.89
bananarepublic.com: 0.61

I guess only women and gay men buy clothes (or movie tickets) online... perfect.

My only saving grace:

videobox.com: 2.08

Of course... porn to the rescue. I probably would have scored 100% female otherwise, which would have only given my partner
more ammunition to mock me with in regards to my 'gayness.' Not like she isn't going to make fun of me relentlessly anyway.

But really, with those numbers... I fucking deserve it.

P.S.: I don't really have to tell you this isn't exactly done with MIT like precision and is solely for entertainment do I?

~ Alex Rose

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The Beauty Sniper said...

According to that site, I'm a hermaphrodite... My likelihood of being male or female is 50% (each).