Simple Laws of Supply & Demand: the Exploitation of Teenagers Edition...

I saw the greatest thing on an episode of 'Shear Genius' recently. For the 'short cut challenge,' the contestants had to style the hair of little girls. One of them, a precocious, blonde haired, blue eyed wonder who will probably be on the Disney Channel in a few years, cited Paris Hilton as a hero of hers.

Now... I know some people will read this and consider it an official sign of our impending apocalypse but I think the next Dakota Fanning is on the right track. Ms. Hilton once was paid one hundred thousand dollars to make an appearance at a nightclub for thirty minutes. Maybe I'm lacking in the morality department but if I'm making that kind of scratch for doing some shit I'd do anyway, I'd be flashing my pussy to the world to stay relevant too.

I thought about that little girl on Shear Genius after reading
this article. The author was ranting about pop culture's fascination with and sexualization of teenage girls and how this terrible, terrible fixation simply has to end.

To be fair, the author presents some valid points. General consensus is paedophilia isn't cool and the media attention given to celebrities five years my junior (or really celebrities in general, regardless of age) borders on exploitative. Unfortunately, for the author and the number of people who will undoubtedly agree with her, is that the laws of supply and demand are as old as civilization itself.

Ask Vanity Fair how many copies of that 'bare shoulders seen round the world' editorial with Miley Cyrus were sold after people started raising hell about it. Ask Perez Hilton who many hits he gets on his website every month. When we wonder why paparazzi tactics amount to stalking (i.e. those pics of Miley in her under things were only seen because someone hacked into her phone) remember that supermarket rags will pay obscene amounts of money to the victor who gets the best (see: anything embarassing and/or scandalous) photo. Then remember the millions of consumers who will buy People magazine so they can see the newest members of the Benetton Jolie-Pitt family.

Our society at large has created a hydra that has successfully permeated large swaths of our culture... fantastic luck in trying to stop it.

~ Alex Rose

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