Alex Rose and These 'Fucking' Friends of His...

Before I get to my hilarious evening, I want to thank 'A.S.' for their amazing question that was sent to me a few days ago.

I just discovered it today and because it's such a great and layered question, I'll likely need one more day (and one more night of drinking) to think about it.

But I will answer it... thank you again.


A legendary night =

- Being drunk
before midnight... I'm not sure how this happened, it wasn't my intention at all.

- Watching a few of your female acquaintances/friends make out with a few of your male friends and each other.

- Getting
crunk to 'The Carter III' in the parking lot of the club with a bunch of your friends because none of you are sober enough to drive home.

- Looking up and seeing one of your male friends (outside of the car) fucking a girl
doggystyle (inside of the car) like it's the last piece of pussy he'll ever have in his life. Man... I wish you could have seen it... he was fucking this girl like the fountain of youth was in there.

- Talking to a female friend of yours about life and relationships while one of her friends is being fucked and the other is being fingered about ten feet away from us.

- Laughing hysterically at your male friend when he comes up to you with his post coital dick sticking out of his tight, white briefs.

- Watching your friends watch another one of our friends fuck in the backseat of a car.

- And finally... driving home and thinking about how deliciously fucked up my life is.

~ Alex Rose

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