I Now Pronounce You... Husband and well... Husband...

Well, it appears this time may be for keeps... perhaps the third time is indeed the charm.

I had another commentary planned for today until I heard about California's Supreme Court ruling to allow same-sex marriages; the second state to do so behind Massachusetts. Notice I said 'California,' making this ruling very different from 2004 when San Francisco overlooked the law and married over 4,000 same-sex couples. These marriages were later overturned by the state.

Normally, this story would make me yawn because after living in one of the slowest moving industrialized countries in the world in terms of important social change for all of my life, (more on that in a second) I never get excited about progress until it actually happens. But this ruling actually has some teeth since unlike Massachusetts (where you have to be a legal resident) California will accept couples regardless of residency and New York will fully honor those unions.

Of course, it isn't all wedding bells and rose pedals. While it was a hot button in the last election cycle, both Obama and McCain have more or less have decide to avoid this issue like the plague though they have both have supported states that take the lead on this issue. Also (like in 2004) voters will decide to a state constitutional amendment that would put same-sex couples right back where they started. Still, those couples have come out in full force in the past few days, including many who were at the top of the courthouse steps in San Francisco during that 'Winter of Love.'

Personally, I think gay people should be as miserable in legal marriage as us straight ones, though I'll admit same-sex marriage would make divorce court judges have to sweat a bit... they won't be able to just screw the husband over like they normally do. Beyond my personal feelings however, the reasoning people give against gay marriage is pretty stupid.

Our current divorce rate is a median 48% and we've consistently made it easier and easier to get a divorce. In Las Vegas, you can get married with the ease of getting a cheeseburger and there are countless reality shows about brides being bitches or how much money people have spent on their ceremonies. I'm sorry, but these things sort of take the sting out of 'sanctity of marriage' stance a bit.

Lastly, there's this list to consider:

The Netherlands
South FUCKING Africa

All countries that allow same-sex marriages. I mean, really... if former apartheid South Africa can get with the program, so can we.

~ Alex Rose

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Annabelle Stewart said...

Through your extensive observations and research, you have undoubtedly learned much about human sexuality. Considering differences in the historical and cultural mores concerning marriage, do you think marriage (and even monogamy for that matter) is contrary to human sexuality? If so, do you see a gender bias such that matrimony and/or monogamy suits women more so than men? Is not the male body physically and biologically designed to be promiscuous?