Sex, Censored...

It's all fun and games until your daughter comes home pregnant...

Or with the clap...

All right, I'm being overdramatic but this incident in Utah, something that happens far too often in numerous parts of this country makes my blood boil. Now, it should be mentioned, both the STD and pregnancy statistics for teenagers have gone down in recent years.

But... as Sex, etc. (a website dedicated to educating teens about sex) is quick to point out, there is no replacement for a good (emphasis on good) old-fashioned sex ed course.

This brings us back to Utah where a group of parents are pissed because a health teacher at Fort Herriman Middle School gave children information they claim is 'outside the curriculum.'
Now, some lawmakers in the state actually want to make it a crime to step outside the sexual education laws.

What 'edgy' information this teacher, who is a sex ed veteran with more than 30 years of experience, impart on young and impressionable children you ask? She apparently answered the students questions on gay sex, oral sex, and masturbation. Yeah... these parents are up in arms about topics I've heard seventh graders give dissertations on (I'm exaggerating... but not by much).

Look, if this teacher is telling these kids about the finer points of 'shrimping' (I'll talk about that tomorrow) I would understand but at worst she offered a small amount of insight on anal sex. With regards to oral sex and masturbation... nowadays, kids learn about that stuff through simple osmosis.

As 'sex radical' as I am, I don't advocate middle school or even underclass high school kids rolling around with each other but the bottom line is they do. And if they're going to, they should do it intelligently and safely. It's better that they know than engaging in sexual activity in ignorance... cause not every kid can get away with being an idiot like Jamie Lynn Spears.

~ Alex Rose

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